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     Financials 10-2020

     Financials 09-2020    

     Financials 08-2020

     Financials 07-2020

      Financials 06-2020

      Financials 03-2020

      2020 Budget

      Financials 2019











     Members' List

     Architectural Request Form

     Reserve Study

     Board - Duties & Powers

     Equal Protection

     CCIOA Insurance Requirements

     Insurance Policies  04-15-2016



Most documents are available as PDF-files. Some files are protected by a password. In order to comply with governing Colorado laws, these documents containing sensitive or personal information about the community or members  must no be distributed to or passed onto businesses, organizations or persons outside of our community.

The documents are for information only and must not be used in any legal transactions.


erning Documents:


     Master Declaration

         Amendment 04/09/2020

     Condominium Declaration

          Amendment 11/07/2019

     HOA Articles of Incorporation

     HOA Bylaws

     Rules and Regulations 10/15/2020

     Draft Audit 04-31-16

     Governing Document Review

     Declarant Correspondence

    Policies and Resolutionsonom


Meeting Notes:    

      Minutes 10-15-20

     Minutes 09-17-20  

     Minutes 09-11-20   

     Minutes 08-20-20

     Minuter 08-07-20

     Minutes 07-16-20  

     Minutes 05-12-20

     Minutes 05-01-20

     Minutes 02-20-20

     Minutes 01-23-20

     All Minutes 2019

F 12-09-



  Cottage Voice:

      Volume 2

     Volume 3